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These are the most frequently asked questions about using stock photos and making purchases on suzanneharford.com.

If you have any questions not answered on this page, please feel free to contact me.  I'm happy to help!

Using Stock Photos


Q: What can I do with these stock photos?

Just about everything you could want!  I create these images for you to use for yourself and your business.

  • Use them as many times as you want!
  • Crop, rotate and resize as needed to use on your website, blog or social media accounts
  • Add filters or color overlays to match your brand's style
  • Add your text to share your message, promotions, etc.
  • Use to advertise your products
  • Embellish your opt-in forms, pdfs, workbooks, webinar slides, etc.
  • Use online and in print

Q: What can't I do with these stock photos?

There are a few things you can't do...

  • Do not claim the images as your own
  • Do not resell, loan or give away any image / digital file
  • Do not transfer original, unaltered images to clients or customers
  • Do not use the images to create derivative products for sale or giveaway such as books, printable art, wallpapers, templates, graphics, prints / canvas, cards, mugs, calendars, cards / invitations, home products, etc.

Q. Do I have to give credit or share your link?

Nope!  Your purchase gives you a non-exclusive license to use the image without giving credit and/or linking to me.  If you would like to give credit, I'd love to see how you are using them.


Q: Do I need Photoshop or another expensive graphics program to use stock photos?

Nope again!  Photoshop is an awesome program, but you can use one of the many free or lower cost programs / apps.  A few ideas...

Not free, but much less expensive than Photoshop

You can even use your favorite smartphone / tablet apps! 


Purchase Questions


Q: Is my payment information safe?

Yes!  My website is secured via SSL and all purchases are handled through Squarespace's PCI-compliant commerce tools.

All payments are handled by Stipe (you can see Stripe's security documents here).  I never see your payment information, nor is it ever stored on my website or by Squarespace.

(If you're an Etsy shopper and prefer to buy there, visit my Etsy shop)


Q: How fast will I receive my files after I buy?

Super fast!  All purchases are digital downloads and no physical products will be shipped.

An email will be sent to the email address on your order as soon as your payment is confirmed.  This email will have a link for you to download your file(s).

Check your spam folder if you don't see this email (Gmail users, check your promotions tab, too)

If you still don't see it, please send me a message at suzanne@suzanneharford.com 


Q. Can I download a file again at a later time if I need to?

Yes!  If you need another download link to replace lost files, please email me at suzanne@suzanneharford.com.  I will send you another download link within 24 hours.

Note: After you first click your download link, it will only work for 24 hours.  This is a security feature from Squarespace which helps reduce theft of digital products (and keeps you from having to register for an account on yet another website).  Please contact me if your download link expires and you need another one.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

Due to the instant nature of digital downloads, no returns or refunds will be granted.  

But, I want you to be 100% happy with your purchase!  If you have any questions prior to buying, please feel free to contact me.  

If you have a problem after buying, please contact me and I will try to work with you to resolve your issue.


Q: Can you do a customization or shoot custom photos for me?

Unfortunately, custom work takes more time than I am able to offer right now.

Legal Considerations

Suzanne Harford remains the sole exclusive owner and holder of the copyright for all images and files.  Your purchase grants you a non-exclusive license to use the purchased images and files for personal and business use.

Images and files may not be resold, transferred, given away or used to create derivative products for sale.

Purchasers agree that Suzanne Harford does not make any representations or assurances of non-infringement and does not make claim to have received releases from any brands, designers, or manufacturers for use of products, registered trademarks, logos or intellectual property portrayed in the images.  Suzanne Harford shall not be liable for any claims related to, or resulting from, your use of the images, which may or may not have been modified by you, or combined with other content.